29 August 2009

Danny, boy are you a wimp

the rain peed on our weekend again.

breezed through the market this morning. too crowded. we must get there earlier (before 11a). but dave did get a breakfast burrito from the most energetic cook team ive ever seen! back at home, we donned our rain gear to try and get some errands done on foot.

first stop, darrells for lunch. good fries, decent burgers (no F-ing way im trying their peanut butter burger!), and a tasty cranberry milkshake. yes, the meal was approximately 3000 calories. we had much walking-it-off to do. we hit the park lane mall (eh), and then susies shortbread to see what was up for their one year anniversary celebration. we got a mini skor cheesecake bite and a mini smore truffle, but these paled in comparison to the peppermint patty cupcake. yum!

we ducked out of the rain to devour the peppermint cupcake and ended up in the vestibule for petes frootique. quite possibly the silliest name for the BEST grocery store. think whole foods mixed with traders joes...and affordable. islands and islands of fruits and veggies and a great variety of meats and fish, along with regular grocery fare. and walking distance from home means we have a winner! i love you pete.

in the same little mall as petes, we were able to snag a sheath for our only knife and a new variety of beer for dave. now we were rain soaked, weighed down with food, and ready to go home. hurricane/tropical storm/heavy rain danny was coming in. he wasnt perhaps as powerful as bill was last week, but he was slower and carried more rain. kept us in the rest of the day and woke me up at night.

the weather channel projected paths for danny:

and, stuck in the apartment the second weekend in a row, we were forced to take nutmeg pictures and post them for you. for those who havent seen her before, meet the obese animal known as nutmeg. she has a tiny brain that dave would argue is nothing more than a throbbing food gland.

(nutmeg started reading a paper for dave on the bed; but she was too tired so she came out to nap on the couch; after the nap, her friend mr pig and mr mouse tried to help her with the paper; but they all ended up so tired they took another nap...; wake up!)

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