16 August 2009

A cooler boston would be nice. Ooo, and a boston cooler, mmm.

todays destination was boston.

woke up in fredericton, new brunswick after having driven from halifax the night before. the drive through new brunswick toward the maine border was full of the thick fragrance of pine and mint, yum. and the northern part of maine on I-95 was practically void of life until we got hungry and pulled over in howland, me.

there were no fast food places, or really anything there. but, we found a general store, where most of the locals were buying cigarettes, and bought some decent looking chicken pieces. we stuck out like sore thumbs though. im not quite sure what the job prospects were in the area but these didnt seem like farmers or factory workers, some kind of unidentified rural folk.

after food, we pushed straight through to boston. we arrived in the jamaica plains neighborhood in time to relax a bit before dinner. our friends jody and patrick have a great second story apartment on a quiet street, in a brightly colored house. the apartment is HUGE and light and airy with a fabulous back porch. weve seen their previous 2 apartments and this one was definitely a favorite. ;)

boston was in the middle of "restaurant week," so we had a reservation at a place called marliave. we definitely felt like we were part of the irregular crowd that restaurant week brought in. it was a nice place with a fancy menu and in a good location (downtown, actually right on top of where "the littlest bar" used to be).

(jo and patrick deciding what to order; dave trying to blend in...)

anyway, restaurant week menus were all specified to be 3-course meals priced at $33. jody and i chose the beet and goat cheese appetizers while patrick and dave chose the prosciutto-wrapped figs. both were quite tasty. my entree was a skate filet (not too bad, a little salty), dave had a tasty spinach, mushroom lasagne, jody had the steak frites and patrick had the dense but tasty "sunday gravy." everyone ordered something different for dessert and i thought they were all fairly average, but then again, im a picky dessert person.

(beet goat cheese appetizer)

waddling to the "T" after dinner, we made it back to their apartment and spent the evening out on the back porch chatting and enjoying jodys sangria (her recipe was from americas test kitchen). such a HOT and humid day (mid-90s)...which of course transitioned into a sticky evening. my energy level becomes nearly nonexistent in this kind of weather. i just want to sprawl out and sit very still so as not to encourage the sweat glands. ew. a boston cooler woulda been perfect in my hand... :)

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