22 August 2009

Chacarer-in to go

today was our wrap-up day in boston to begin the long journey back to halifax.

while i would have liked to have had more time in boston (minus the heat), i was also anxious to get the drive ahead of us over with. knowing that the road was ahead of us kinda took some of the wind out of my sails for boston excitement. which is a bummer. i love the city and am glad we have friends there. :)

to make a happy memory, we had lunch downtown at the best lunch locale...chacareros. owned by a real chilean man. the menu is incredibly small but the food is SO good. sandwiches. the guy has NAILED the sandwich. the chilean sandwich to be exact. and he wont franchise, to ensure that his product remains quality and respectable. with two locations in the boston downtown, we always find a way to eat at one before we leave. soft round bread, grilled chicken, special avocado spread, secret spicy sauce, muenster cheese, and fresh green beans. yes, this sounds weird...do NOT underestimate it though. the only one who will be sorry is you.

(the chacarero; ...in daves mouth)

bellies FULL, we met jody at work to drop off her chacarero sandwich and say goodbye. shes a fancy corporate lawyer working in a tall building near the harbor. :) once we said our thanks and expressed our wishes to see each other again soon, we snaked our car through the wacky boston streets until we can finally got on the highway. more massachusetts traffic. i HATE you!

(downtown boston near jodys work; outside jodys building. shes doesnt look as excited as she should be about her sandwich.)

ended up at exit 1 in new hampshire, a state with no sales tax, to buy dave a new baby. a macbook pro (13" cuz he didnt want anything heavier to carry back and forth on his walk to work everyday). of course we cant leave without spending a gogillion dollars...mens toys and its accessories are SO expensive! but, hes been geeked about this thing for years. (side note: the canadian border patrol required us to pay a $130+ tax on it when we brought it in to canada.)

back on the road, we made it up to bangor, maine to stay the night. this was not without the exciting event of the "check engine" light coming on. the car seems to hate running smoothly at low rpms. trying not to idle very long in a stick shift...yeah, thats easy.


Jody said...

You guys were awesome for delivering a chacarero. It was the one bright spot in that obnoxious day. Well, that and seeing you guys for about 10 seconds.

lotus said...

we were glad we had a least a few seconds to see you and say goodbye! thanks jo!