09 August 2009

Buskers bust

move in day and more.

spent the morning yard sale-ing in dartmouth. we found a well-designed night table and a cool desk chair. total = $12. then we hit a couple dollar stores to get some odds n ends for the apartment that i didnt wanna pay $4+ unnecessarily for. next, it was over to halifax to meet a guy to sell us computer speakers. then we hit some used furniture places on this side to try and get the rest of the necessities before bringing nutmeg over.

our most fun stop was at a cool place called "50 hats." regularly a vintage hat and clothing store, she also sells some furniture items. shocking since her store looks like something out of a mentally ill persons basement. there is ONE walking path in this congested place, the rest is PILED high. but she has a mental inventory and some seriously cool hats. anyway, we bought a bookshelf/stand, a lamp, and a few kitchen items. this puts us at around $500 CAD to furnish/outfit our entire place, not too shabby. just gotta remember this when i see the bills this month...yikes!

after hitting the grocery and beer store (of course) we determined it was time to move all our crap and the cat in! bye bye dartmouth (we still have to come back and clean, but i dont have to be in that crummy place anymore!).

in the new apartment, we unload the car and get the cat comfortable. i start unpacking and arranging things (my greatest/favorite pastime...im sick), dave puts some music on (thanks new speakers) and starts making dinner. i wore the BIGGEST grin on my face during this whole process. the sense of normalcy coming at us feels SO good. going back to only having to find a job will feel much better now that i dont have to stress about 20 additional things.

after yummy dinner (thanks dave), we decided to try out the waterfront festival du jour, buskers. all kinds of weird street performer acts from around the world are organized and showcased during the 11 day festival. this was day 3 of the festival and we were finally settled in enough to enjoy ourselves. the temperature was lovely and the night air was great. we found stage 1 (apparently there are 4 stages) and couldnt get a spot to watch the fire dancing so we walked through the gauntlet of brightly colored peddler stands (some GREAT jewelry and fun souvenirs) and found stage 2. this was a break dancing troupe who were pausing to get the crowd involved. eh, thats fine, but i wanna see the talent perform, not some little kids you pulled off the pavement. so we stroll along some more, buy another DElicious ginger cookie in the food court waterfront, and find a PACKED stage 3. couldnt even tell you what the act was, all i saw were bowler hats and heard british accents.

we then headed back toward our end of the waterfront and came upon the final act of the night on stage 1. he was still setting up so there were seats available. i got a front row floor seat...and boy was that mistake! the act was called "bike boy" and it was SO boring. he was not funny, not exciting, and after all the foreplay...completely anti-climactic. ack. what a bust! (thats what i get for missing your wedding sarah...congrats and i hope you had a wonderful day!! sorry we couldnt make it.).


Martin said...

YOU HAVE A KITTY! OMGWTFBBQ! I want a cat too.

Also, there's nothing wrong about enjoying cleaning. It's so good for the morale!

lotus said...

yup. we have...one FAT cat. i should take a picture of her one of these days for the blog. she sleeps in the CUTEST positions.

and "hell yeah" to cleaning. i love it!