02 August 2009

Bargain basement

feed me seymour. buy me more crap.

our apartment was crying out for more furniture, so we found a lady selling a bed and made an appointment. knowing we'd have to strap it to the top of our roof we went to buy some rope (and ended up also buying silverware and some bowls/tupperware too).

we met the lady and her kids at their storage unit in dartmouth. she was weird but the mattress seemed decent. and for $125, i didnt want to stand around and argue. we strapped it to the car and hoped that there wouldnt be high winds while we crossed the bridge with it. thankfully, we made it in one piece. got the mattress and box spring in the apartment and unwrapped it from the plastic to breathe.

okay, still need more stuff. back on the dartmouth side (i am SO tired of driving across the bridge) we found a salvation army...closed. poop. then we hit up canadian tire (this is like a kmart mixed with a home depot, and its a canadian institution). but we didnt find anything there for us.

we hit the dartmouth sears and wow if they werent having a sale. we got towels and bedding. yay. then we hit the grocery store before that closed. more crazy shopping (which anyone who knows me, knows i hate doing) but today we seemed to get closer to being done. there are still things we need, but the apartment is nearly livable now.

we vegged for the evening and even got to watch donnie darko. great movie. set in 1988 and they got it SO right. jake gyllenhaal is perfect and the depressed/struggling teen plot was very well done. loved the soundtrack.

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