17 August 2009

28, aint it great?

today i morphed from age 27 to age 28. joy.

woke up in boston. its hot again, or still. birthdays in august suck for that. but, jo got me a couple cute gifts and dave had a thoughtful card. thanks guys! then we all enjoyed a fresh breakfast on the porch. good thing we had a solid, fortified meal...because the drive to albany was hell. 30 miles in two hours with absolutely NO discernible sign as to WHY the back up. the massachusetts turnpike blows.

anyway, i arrived safe and sound at the timmons condo (they werent there, but they let us use their place, thanks guys!). meanwhile, dave and patrick had a phish concert to go to in saratoga springs. the final date for their summer tour. dave had never seen phish live but is a huge fan. i had encouraged him to go, not to worry people. and they did have an awesome time, so thats good. at the condo, i was missing the woodward dream cruise, bathing in the air conditioning, and lounging in bed watching the hbo series, true blood. definition of a lowkey birthday...

current thoughts on a birthday: at whatever age i started becoming conscious that i had a future, the organized freak in me went about planning, plotting, and mapping a course. i wasnt afraid of slight modification along the way, but for the most part, i had myself all set. earlier time points had very specific goals with later time points mapped in more nebulous terms.

before i met dave, i had my life detail-planned through to my first job post-graduation. after dave, i wish i could say i had my entire life stretched before me in detail. but, try as i might, it never came to me. if i thought about it too much, it actually freaked me out. i could really only detail map as far as age 27. now, i love the number 7, so i think thats a little bit why my brain fixated on 27, but seriously, i had no idea what i was supposed to do, strive for, or achieve after that...other than big general things: manage a house and maybe a family, and maintain happiness and love.

and now im there, or here. im not 27. im 28. what the heck am i supposed to do? true, i had one heck of a year. lots of change and perhaps lots of new directions my life could take based on the new paths that were presented to me. but so far nothing has taken shape. its still blank. i feel like i could walk off into an eternal fog tomorrow and never be heard from again. i dont mean that to sound bleak, im just...curious and a little wigged out.

ive given my brain and body lots of new stuff recently, so maybe its just processing things...but so far, the only response it seems to have given back to me is a frighteningly large crop of wrinkles around my eyes that werent there in years past. what the hell is that? maybe theyre there to remind me of the past and encourage me that the future will hold more memories that will leave equally permanent impressions on me. but what kind of memories will i be making?

more than the other important milestones (graduations, first jobs, marriage), i feel like now is the time for self definition. to take charge. make the statement. step into some durable shoes and really break 'em in for the long haul. only, im turning out to be a very timid customer and i feel like i dont even know where the shoe stores are to go browsing for said shoes. mmm, perhaps flailing around blindly in the dark will work...

for a less serious diversion, i return to my love of celebrity and commemorate my birthday by presenting these items:

a brief birthday history:
1948 - famous baseballer babe ruth dies
1949 - author margaret mitchell dies...gone with the wind is BEST epic ever!
1954 – first edition of sports illustrated is published
1956 - actor bela lugosi dies
1962 – ringo starr debuts as drummer for the beatles
1977 - elvis presley dies at age 42
1983 - singer paul simon married actress carrie fisher
1985 - madonna married actor sean penn
1991 - seaworlds famous orca, shamu, dies
2008 - comedians ellen degeneres and portia de rossi get married

my birthday, as described by my worrywart father:
1987 – northwest airlines flight 255 crashes on take-off from detroit metropolitan airport, killing 155 passengers and crew. sole survivor is a four-year-old girl.
2005 – west caribbean airways flight 708 crashes near machiques, venezuela, killing the 160 people aboard.

famous birthday fĂȘters:
1954 - director james cameron
1958 - actress angela bassett
1958 - singer Madonna!
1962 - actor/comedian steve carell
1972 - singer from dixie chicks, emily robison
1980 - singer vanessa carlton
1988 - rumer willis, daughter of actor bruce willis. see, we are connected...his family celebrates my birthday every year. :)

(rumer celebrating our birthday with elvis in vegas)

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Mary Ann said...

Bad mother-in-law reporting in. But guilt works wonders and so we'll birthday you when we visit. Actually, you do have a treat coming in the mail (not birthday, I won't lie). This could be a good thing, Alyce. Hopefully, I will NEVER forget August 16 again. I feel bad.