23 July 2009

We're here! Back at the beginning

we arrived.

we pulled in to downtown dartmouth (the city across the harbor from halifax) and looked around. we had 1.5 hours to kill before the lady was available to meet us and give us the keys to the temporary furnished apartment we rented. so we looked at the map and found stuff to check out in the mean time. looks like the mic mac mall is moderately decent. theyre even getting an h&m soon.

anyway, still had some time so we stopped in at taco bell to get me a snack. now, dartmouth seems similar to an ypsilanti-type town. commercial areas, weird rundown areas, and a downtown with some sketchy/ghettoness to it. the taco bell was no exception. it was across the street from a bubble babes car wash and seemed icky from the outside. and no, this did not stop me from still wanting food. got my burrito and on the way out, noticed they had a recycling station. a trash bin, containers bin, and organic bin. a compost pile in a fast food place...who knew?

finally, the lady is available and we take a look at our apartment. ugh, my eyes glaze over and i simply see it as a place to live short-term. i cant possibly deal with the fact that it seems unsafely retro-fitted from life as a garage, that it smells faintly like stale cigarettes, things dont seem...super clean, and the location is noisy and rundown. beggars cant be choosers and at this point we are homeless, have only one carload of belongings, and the cash flow is...low. i guess we cant be too picky.

(this looks like a garage door, but really its been reclaimed as the front wall of our apartment. i guess drywall and insulation work wonders; in the living room, the "heating ducts" are filled with insulation. i suppose that works too; our kitchen...doesnt it look safe? [we had just been watching "holmes on homes" the night before. imagine our surprise when we came into this apartment...]; our bedroom. literally the bed fits in there without touching the walls and there is some weird cut out to allow for that nightstand. thats it.)

we dump off our stuff and head up to the grocery store, sobeys. we gather some items to make a dinner like we use to in france, cous cous à la dave. we got back and i washed all the dishes in the cupboard before we could finally start cooking dinner. when we finally sat down to eat, we found that the meal just wasnt the same as what dave had been making in france.

i guess once again we have to get use to completely new surroundings and reincarnate ourselves. yes, we speak the language. no, we dont know anything about how to work the system. we have to watch, ask questions, and learn by trial and error. on top of that, i need a job again. preferably a real job this time. cant wait to see how things turn out...

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Mary Ann said...

I've stayed in some very funky bed and breakfasts at Stratford (it has since been quite gentrified), but I can imagine your reaction to your temporary home. I once stayed in a house where our room had red walls and all black bathroom fixtures. What were they thinking? Glad you got your new digs.