07 July 2009

Thank you world, may i have another?

some good, some crap. glad it waited til after the holiday weekend.

the car went in for repairs in ann arbor this morning. cant wait to see how that pans out. later, i get a call from my grandma that nutmeg is acting weird. sounds like the same thing she had last year. so i call vets so see about appointments and start to pack the car up since im changing locations tonight. i realize...ive locked myself out of the eatons. sweet. i go to their apartment office and plead my case to be let back in. thankfully this only takes 15 minutes.

then i head off to lunch with my grandpa. we had a nice time catching up and eating. after lunch, on the way to grandmas, i get a call that the car will cost $300+ for a new ABS brake sensor and wont be ready for a few days. fine, my in-laws have been nice enough to let me borrow their car in the mean time. thanks!

make it to grandmas. chat for a bit and start packing up the car with nutmeg stuff. she is hiding under the bed and there are bloody spots all over the place. great. i drag her out from under the bed and get her in the carrier. since shes bleeding i call the vet again and see if i can get her in right now. they say okay, thankfully!

we make it to the vet in berkley and they tell me what i assumed she had, an anal gland problem. (**read no further if you have a weak stomach**). this time is much worse than last time, she has a full gland blow out. an inch southeast of her butt is a dime-sized hole. the hole looks into her body. so gross and im sure super painful. they shave her butt area, irrigate the wound, glob it up with neosporin, inject her with pain meds, and give her a shot of 14 day time-release antibiotics (thank god, last time dave and i had to chase her around and shove a pill down her throat every day for 2 weeks. she starting vomiting from it later on. fun.). bill $116 and i have to take her back in next week (hopefully she is healthy enough to get her vaccine updates and be approved to cross the border. lets hope).

at this time i call phil, my friend who i am staying with in berkley. its only 4:30p but he is able to leave work early and let nutmeg and i into his house. thank goodness. i nearly jump out of my skin with joy when i see him. another friendly face who is opening their doors and helping me out in the height of stress. he is fine with letting nutmeg stay at his house for the entire time im in town and he doesnt have a problem with me coming and going all days of the week to his place. thank you so much! we go and have dinner at a middle eastern place in ferndale and have a nice chat. after some light shopping and tv watching, i end the day with a happy cat and a place to sleep. things are not too bad off, though i wish dave was here.

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