14 July 2009

Rollercoaster of love/hate

the thing about being back is...you have all your crap to deal with. i officially want to join the "one toothbrush, one pair of underwear" club and remove any other worldly attachments. save me a lot of stress.

tuesday (july 7): leave phils house and head to ann arbor. shop for some gifts and take care of errands. hello busy washtenaw rd in ann arbor, how i missed you. met old co-workers for dinner at the thai place in the sketchy hotel. lovely group, typical wacky-fun conversations. must find the book "michigan murders" and get reading. thanks for meeting up ladies!

then i head to friend sarahs for the night. awesome independent chica just bought her first house! what a great place, lots of windows and light. we chat and visit and catch up and i stay the night in her comfy guest room. thank you!

wednesday (july 8): head to the tanger outlets to boost the tiny well-worn wardrobe. no one is there so i quickly navigate the stores without getting claustrophobic. yes! then i head to east lansing to enjoy pizza house with my grand rapids cousins and aunt. they have been travelers this summer too: spain and china. friendly bunch who i was glad i was able to squeeze in a visit with. best wishes for the busy school year this fall!

(linnea, me, kailee outside pizza house. cousins rule!)

then i get a call that the car is ready. i park my borrowed car in front of sarahs house and wait for the shuttle to pick me up. pay the $335 and drive to berkley to meet phils parents for dinner. havent seen them in a while. was great to catch up with the family ive been a part of since high school. then phil and i head to somerset for a jcrew sale and his daily dose of retail therapy. :)

thursday (july 9): while driving from berkley to ann arbor, the car idiot light comes on again! great. ive got a lunch date at jerusalem garden with co-workers that im not about to break though, so i'll deal with it later. while waiting for my group, the table next to me is a threesome of nerdy guys talking about politics, obama, and france. yup, im definitely back in ann arbor. after a fun lunch with my cubicle girls, i walk around campus to finish some errands and see if anything has changed. what a beautiful campus and such a great energy permeating throughout. far enough away in time is the stress of school and studying and i find i simply love the place. its not a europe equivalent but it definitely gives me the most calming feeling ive had since ive been back. good ol' maize and blue. :)

anyway, while im in middle earth, a dumbass walks in. this hick must also, of course, bring along his impressionable spawn. so, in middle earth, they have a life-sized cardboard cut out of obama...are you seeing where im going with this? this guy walks in and loudly says "OH, THATD BE GREAT FOR TARGET PRACTICE." he then aims his imaginary gun and makes a rifle shot noise. he then clucks around the store for 5 minutes in his hog calling voice making derogatory statements about the president. dude. if you want these hippies to get in an argument with you, youre going about it the wrong way. we simply feel bad for you and your kids.

i spend the remainder of the afternoon at the ann arbor traverwood library. this building opened shortly before we left town and we didnt have a chance to get over there before. what a beautiful building. environmentally-friendly and architecturally pleasing, i thought it was a great addition to the area. reminded me of the FRAC building outside of nantes.

next stop was visiting 13 month old morgan (and family) in milan. :) shes got her expressive eyebrows still, eats like a horse, and runs around the house, very stable on her two legs. then i had to do my unpleasantness for the day. move all my crap out of julies. we crammed all our odd-n-end things in her closet right before we left, and i promptly blocked it out of memory. i had a near panic attack when i peered in and saw what i had to load into the car. thankfully julie dives head first into problems. she grabbed a load of stuff and showed my stunned ass how to get started. thank you forever, i truly almost lost it. we got everything loaded into my borrowed car and she helped me drop my broken car off at the garage to be worked on tomorrow morning. lifesaver! finished the evening in northville with the eatons and therapy 2.0: episodes of friends. takes me back to a better time...

friday (july 10): the car goes back in for repairs. i have lunch in ann arbor with my old boss. we chose to eat outside at shalimar. toward the end of lunch we start talking about knee and hip replacements. the CRAZY lady sitting near us (she had been acting "off" earlier) turns around and says, "excuse me, im a doctor, and im eating lunch. i can hear everything you say and i would like you to stop talking about that." um....okay psycho. we werent talking loud and we werent being rude or gross. get a life!!!! but she doesnt, she then moves her chair so she is facing me and STARES at me for the rest of lunch. AWWWWWKWARD! love ann arbor.

afterward, i follow bossman back to work and visit with my old co-workers. fun times. nice crew. great place to work. later, i get a call that my car part wont be in until wednesday and the estimate for this is $220+. sweet.

no worries, ive got dinner with my public health pals. i head to plum market for some fruit for the evening gathering. great store. opened toward the end of our life in ann arbor. not super cheap but good, healthy stuff. anyway, the bbq was great and i got to catch up on their lives. my friends daughter is over 2 years old now, walking and talking and sporting a great 'fro. love it Z! i also got to use some of my french again talking to my friend and her husband. fun! so nice to visit with these folks again. glad we get to do it again when dave arrives. :)

(lia, lily, and zili)

saturday (july 11): head to phils again and unload ALL the crap from julies apartment. fun! then we lunch at NY bagel. yes! afterward, phil drives me through some awesome neighborhoods in huntington woods. gorgeous homes on streets with mature trees. every house is different and fabulous. love this area, always have.

later we have dinner at yotsuba (flounder cilantro crunch roll, yum!) and i settle in for a lazy saturday night of movies. a night of relaxed normalcy. wow. and i spoke too soon...i get to witness three projectile vomiting episodes from nutmeg. clean those up and i crouch down to check on her under the bed. she freaks out thinking im going to take her to the vet and pees on the floor. awesome. im going to kill you, right after i get done having this heart attack about all the vomit. 20 minutes later i hear her eating again. so...i guess it was a hairball? i check on her again, and notice that shes licked(?) off her butt scab and now its open and red again. gross and great. what a fun sleepless night that was, worrying about her barfing or dying or needing a vet. no more animals for me.

sunday (july 12): brunch at greek island in birmingham. seriously forgot about the cheap, great eats at coney islands while in france. i have my chicken finger pita (it won out against a coney dog, though i really want one of those now too) and gear up for the day. phil again drove me through some nice neighborhoods of b'ham, not as lovely as huntington woods, for me, but nice all the same.

later i had dinner with my aunt and uncle in plymouth and saw my grandpa and cousins too. beautiful weather, good meal, lots of family. it was nice. my cousins new girlfriend, my aunt, and i jabbered about the twilight series. funny, i had just finished re-reading the series (thanks for letting me borrow them g!), its another comfort read for me. then i rounded out the tween craze by watching "16 and pregnant" on MTV with georgette. what a horrific series. i had to see for myself just how far that show is pushing the ethical envelope. awful. music montages over the labor/delivery part? i dont think so. terrible, terrible crap for teens without sex education or parental guidance to be watching.

monday (july 13): went to dearborn for lunch with grandma and my aunt patty. got to eat at the fabulously greasy mexican fiesta. a memorable restaurant for my family for as long as i can recall. bean and cheese burritos. yum.

next stop, the vet. nutmeg is healing and the "area" is healthy looking, but i have to buy a cone for her to wear so she stops licking it and removing the scab. great. then she got her rabies shot to be cleared for halifax. $75 later, we're all set. spent the night hanging out with phil.

tuesday (july 14): the day dave comes back. :) had lunch with co-workers in ann arbor. watched the art fair rolling in to town. also received my much awaited bruce willis "W" magazine. hes topless with his new wife...how can any girl resist such a sight? ;)

(w magazine cover)

to round out my evening, while waiting for daves flight(s) to land, i had dinner at georgettes parents house and played volleyball. good stress buster. then, i got the call that he had landed... :) :) :)

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