20 July 2009

The rest is a blur of babies

the final days before we left for halifax were filled with babies.

the morning after the wedding, we toured the eatons NEW house! nice and spacious and ready for tons of tots to fill it. :) then we went to ann arbor to have brunch with the public health crew. little zili was there again livening up the event. good food with friends in their new rental home in our old neck of the woods.

after brunch, we took care of the arduous couch task. julie had let us leave our sleeper couch in her apartment while we were gone. now we needed to deal with it. we were ready to leave it on the curb with "FREE" signs, when dave remembered a graduate student who lived in the same complex who might take it. lucky us...she did! crisis averted.

then we had enough time to make it back to clarkston to visit with daves family. they were running late, so a late lunch turned into dinner (meaning i had to miss sarahs bachelorette party. sorry!). we got to meet the newest addition to the family and the only female in the youngest generation, neela. busy day!

(the o'hara family; baby neela [pics stolen from mary ann])

next morning (last day in MI), we had brunch in livonia with the talbots. we havent seen them since our going away party in october, she was just a few months pregnant at that point. today we met their new daughter, liliana rose (lily). they also recently moved into a new house, so we got a tour of that as well. congrats new family!

(the talbots. photo taken from carlas facebook)

now was the decidedly less exciting task of visiting storage. we swapped a few clothes. located my mac mini, monitor, and accessories and found some camping gear that dave wanted to bring. i think we were there for something like 3 hours. fun!

then we took the loaded car to berkley. had dinner in novi with phil at ajishin (great place. only white people in there. good udon soup and CHEAP sushi). then dave went to meet up with childhood friend nate in hartland to catch up (hadnt seen him in 4 years!). nate has two kids, so dave got the update on them while catching up on other particulars. then he came back to berkley and we repacked the car for the trek to halifax. to round out the last of michiganness, we watched the newest episode of "Hung." an HBO show about a gigolo, set in detroit. i found it fairly boring but with some great cityscapes of the D.

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Georgette said...

"Tons of tots" Really? Don't you start with me.... :)