04 July 2009

Red, white, and booze

its 4th of july!!! bbq, beer, friends, and fireworks!

friends james and jen hosted "red, white, and booze" at their lovely home in brighton on a lake (james bought the house a year ago and has been updating it himself). the place looks great. a snugly, warm, wooden, inviting cottage on the water. pretty great. add to that friends, grillables, summertime, and fireworks and im doing pretty good. :)

this was my college crew and it was great to see them all. while i would have loved to have warmer weather (mid 70s and cloudy is no way to celebrate 4th of july) it was nice to be with friends on this festive american holiday.

(boys [chuck and james to be exact], bbq, beer; beer [flip cup to be exact] and friends; friends and beer [beer bong to be exact]; friends [college friends: jen, georgette, missy, julie to be exact]; fireworks)

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