28 July 2009

Pleasant but do-nt-go-nair

brief experiences today. one good, one ewwy.

met dave, after work, in halifax to try the famed "donair" sandwiches. this is a local specialty version of the turkish doner sandwiches we ate in france. its basically densely-packed meatloaf on a spit that gets shaved off in strips into a sandwich topped with a sweet, creamy, garlic sauce. i couldnt finish half of mine and dave could hardly choke his down. i seriously did not care for those things. cant really describe it, but i wont eat them again. at least i tried it.

after the delightful dinner, we drove down young ave south toward the tip of the halifax peninsula. this street had some of the largest, most gorgeous victorian homes ive ever seen. dreamy. loved it. and the street ended at an entrance to the point pleasant park. there is a ton of green land at the bottom of the peninsula here. trails for bikers, runners, dog owners, and water lovers. we had a nice walk before sunset along the trails and hope to come back again soon.

(dave with seal carvings; view of a large trail in the park; boats leaving the harbor area)

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