26 July 2009

Logs and bogs in the fog

the sun is still out, lets explore a natural area near the city.

dave found a hike about 45 minutes from halifax that was along the coast and included some bogs. great, lets do it! by about lunchtime we had our sandwiches packed and knew the route we were taking. it was sunny and hot in dartmouth and we drove through northern halifax and along the opposite side of the harbor, west of the city. the road along the water was beautiful.

as we neared the town of sambro, we drove into a bit of fog. by the time we parked at the crystal crescent beach/pennant point parking lot, we were in a cloud forest. the parking lot was crowded and families were making their way to the water. we continued on the trail and started the walk. in the fog, the temperature was low 70s, so being in a bathing suit held no interest to me, but it was the perfect weather for a hike!

we left the family beach behind and still saw people walking in flip flops with beach chairs, etc. i guess theres another beach up ahead...yes, yes there is. we came over a slight hill and it was naked-naked man time! all my eyes could see and then avert from were hairy nether regions. there may have been women there but i was unable to see past all the male. wow, i was not prepared for that. thankfully, the path turned and led us along a protective dune that gave privacy to me and the nudists. at the end of the dune, we connected to the trail and i could begin to refocus my eyes.

on some large smooth coastal rocks, we stopped to take out daves packed lunch. the fog was still there but we could hear the waves and see some crash as they got up close. afterward, we picked up the trail through the woods and continued along the greenery by the coast all the way to pennant point. the trees and shrubs were gorgeous, the natural landscapes (that werent enveloped in fog) were like nothing id ever really seen before. we were walking on a fertile coastal bog actually. i hadnt known bogs to exist like that.

(dave on the boardwalk near the nude beach; cool trees and grasses; me on the trail; the trail, fog, and coast)

at the point, we sat and enjoyed the sounds of the water again. then we headed back (about 5-6 miles round-trip). i was just euphorically floating on the intoxicating trail smells of rose, sage, salty air, and pine when i realized we were back near naked beach. there were naked men lounging on the rocks near where we'd eaten lunch and a few were actually walking the trails nude. seriously, how had we missed the information that this was a nude beach?

(us stopped near the point)

anyway, we finished the walk back at the family beach near the parking lot. it was PACKED now! this is a hot spot in general. and its foggy still and hundreds of people are sunbathing. its just weird. but, for us, the hike woulda been a bitch if we'd have had full sun. the whole trail was exposed. so, i guess we lucked out. i really did think the hike was fantastic. despite the oddities. and we had a good day. driving back to halifax, we exited the clouds into full sun 80+ degrees! what a sunday!

(packed family beach)

**dave partially contributed the title again


Chela said...

Hey You Two its Chela - weird e-mail address I know. I love the blog and glad I have gotten a chance to sign on. Dave sorry I missed you when you were here but hope to see you here or there in Halifax one of these days when this darn thing is over. The pictures are great and Alyce thank for your blog about the uphill battle good food is so expensive to buy too here...I will like to hear when you have your interactions about health care coverage...still an issue here in my book but not sure what is being proposed is a worthy solution. Give us a shout.

Sarah said...

I would have paid money to see your face when you stumbled upon the nude beach Alyce :) Looking forward to reading more about your Nova Scotian adventures!

Mary Ann said...

No problem accessing the blog.