02 July 2009

I get by with a little help from my friends

solo road trip from florida to michigan. friends are the lifeblood.

head out from florida monday morning. i thought i would stop in savannah to look around. but, while driving down the tree-lined roads with dangling spanish moss was beautiful, there was nowhere easy to park and i got the feeling that i would really rather be doing this kind of exploring with dave, another time. so i got back on the road. i drove and drove that day and stopped for the night in kenly, north carolina. basically on the map as a truck stop. got a good night sleep though.

started tuesday morning headed toward DC. by 1p, i was parked in ntinas lot headed for lunch (she was able to take a half day off work to hang out). my friend meg was also able to take a break from studying for the bar to meet us. we went to an indian place and chatted for a few hours. it was so fabulous that i was able to see these guys. i had given both only one day warning to see if they could hang out with me in the middle of the day. both obliged and i couldnt have been happier. they are smart, awesome women who are my political gurus. what better way to get re-adjusted to the u.s. than spending an afternoon with these ladies. thank you so much!

after lunch, ntina and i went shopping. it was a necessity (although, seeing the creepo in the victoria secret massaging all the lingerie by himself was NOT necessary). i had to find silver shoes for missys wedding. found! ntina also bought the movie Twilight. she hadnt seen it yet and was ripping through the books. fun!

after movie time (twilight, duh) in ntinas kick ass king-sized bed :), ben came home. had a nice chat with him before bed and woke up to breakfast à la ben. french-style scrambled eggs. never saw or heard about these while in france, but they are tasty! the texture of ricotta cheese, its warm eggy goodness on a dense piece of toast. yum! thank you!!
drove outta DC early, before mega traffic, wednesday morning. my speedometer and odometer stopped working. sweet! found a mazda dealership near frederick, maryland and pulled in. $100 and 3 hours later..."we have a ton of error messages. not sure what the problem is. we THINK its safe to get back to michigan." thanks. after restarting the car, the computer apparently reset and the stuff was working again. thankfully!
made it to my friend lisas that afternoon. i used to work in the lab with her when i was an undergrad. she has a 5 month old son who i hadnt met yet. now was the time! her family was kind enough to open their home to me and make dinner and breakfast and give me a bed. i had been up there once before for her wedding and loved that rural part of pennsylvania (luthersburg): fresh mountain air, trees, and nature everywhere. a lovely visit with friendly people and got to meet baby aidan. what a cutie.

(bathtime!; bundled aidan)

driving "home" the next morning, i hit some rain on the road and fought off sleep on the boring ohio turnpike. my 6-disc CD changer had almost repeated itself too many times and i was glad to be on the final stretch. along the way, i had found that my ben folds "songs for silverman" album was the perfect expression of my state of mind (dave you should re-listen to it). every song had either lyrics or sentiments or a tone that spoke to something i was feeling about being back. once again ben folds, you are my lifes soundtrack (his song "the luckiest" was our wedding song also).

anyway, i hit the "welcome to michigan" sign on I-23 and almost lost my teeth. a nice "welcome back" to the state with the worst roads EVER. oh, how i have missed you! as i approached ann arbor, i saw the I-94 signs and honestly could not remember how that road bounded ann arbor (must be the south boundary, cuz im driving north, but where does it sit south of ann arbor...?). it took me a solid 30 seconds to visualize it in my mind. scary people. scary. i almost blanked on M-14 as well. what is wrong with me?

thankfully, i took all the correct roads to arrive in a parking lot in northville. got out of the car and stepped into georgettes hug. im staying with the eatons! the baton has been passed to them to keep me safe and sound during my stay. nice guest room all to myself and all kinds of stories to catch up on. roomies twice in college, georgette provides a welcome feeling of "home" for me. with enough history between us to be sisters, it was the perfect place to snuggle in and start my long visit back in the mitten. :)

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Susan said...

From the freaks in FLorida to the mindful in Michigan. You are lucky to have such good friends to keep you safe and sane. I am glad you had a good trip back home.
Love always,