22 July 2009

Highway from hell to halifax

driving, driving, driving.

route for day 1: berkley, sarnia, buffalo, albany

the car was packed well and we had a little pillow platform for nutmeg to rest on so she could be outside of her cage. i had driven with her to wyoming 5 years ago to live with me for the summer and she was great then so we assumed she'd be great this time...nope. an hour or so into the trip she started whining uncontrollably and peed on her pillow. the pee dripped down onto the seat and wet daves back. great. she was also panting a lot so i found my benadryl tablets, broke it in half for her dosage and shoved it down her throat (gross). i dont think it made it because she started foaming at the mouth and shaking her head from side to side...flinging the spit everywhere. while im mopping her up and shoving her back in her carrier, we pull over to re-assess (in paris, ontario no less). she seems okay, maybe just frightened?

we drive for 2 hours with her crying and crying and crying. i can understand why shaken baby syndrome exists. those moments where your angry/frustrated/tired/helpless/frightened self disconnects from your brain and you wanna just MAKE IT STOP! she then craps in her carrier and the whole car reeked. im crying out of frustration and trying not to gag. we somehow get across the border near buffalo without the border guard asking about our cat and we pull over in tonawanda.

i cleaned up the poo (had to wipe some off her paw) and dave tried to get another benadryl down her throat. she foamed at the mouth again, bit his hand, and vomited all over the towel in her carrier. thats trash now. and im laughing out of anger. a sure sign that im crazy. who wants lunch? we go into a sandwich place to clean up and place an order for a small sandwich. its 2p. we should be hungry, but with all the pee, poo, and vomit, who can work up an appetite?

after her bodily excrementing pyrotechnics, the cat rode silently to our destination that night. albany. daves sister (megan) and new husband (courtney) live there. we went to courtneys softball game, watched him tear a muscle and then vomit in the bushes before we headed to downtown troy for dinner (we were on a roll that day!).

troy is an industrial town on the hudson river. similar-looking to pittsburgh only a bit more rundown. they do have a nice "entertainment district" though. we hit up browns brewery for dinner and actually ended the night on a good note. beer pretzels for appetizers. beer sampler for dave (ESB was his fav) and homecrafted root beer for me (yum!). we split the fish n chips (good tartar sauce) and had a nice meal with the timmons'.

back at the condo we got to meet their three-legged dog, yogi, and enjoy some fabulous homemade key lime pie from megan (she takes after her dad...knowing that i love desserts from scratch). a good ending to an exhausting day. thanks for having us guys!

route for day 2: albany, worcester, bangor, calais/st stephen

the cat was silent today, slept in her carrier. didnt even know she was there. she drove through massachusetts, new hampshire, and maine. in bangor, maine we turned off the main highway to take route 9. we wanted to cross at a small border crossing and see a bit more of the scenic roads of the state. what a great choice. americana streets, rural living, thick trees, marshes, primo water areas for moose. i love maine.

we first passed the flag-lined streets of bangor and brewer, maine. loved the small town america vibe. without the cat, i woulda lobbied to stay the night here and eat in one of the local diners. love that kind of stuff. but we had a nice hilly drive past all kinds of pretty/quaint areas until we rolled into the petite town of calais. seafood restaurants lined the waterfront (lobster rolls, lobster dinners, clams, etc!). and we crossed the mighty (read: 250 ft) international bridge into st stephen, new brunswick.

we then spent the next 30 minutes in canadian immigration (and $150 CAD). at the end, we had a work permit for dave (and i was added as "accompanying family") and clearance for nutmeg (the only question asked was "is she a threat to humanity?" hilarious). the border agent was a nice guy and very helpful. he took care of us even after his dinner (fish n chips) was delivered. he also set us up with the paperwork we will need to file in nova scotia to get a canadian license plate. he totally didnt have to do that, but it was great that he helped us. im likin' canada already.

after the border crossing, we decided we were done driving for the night. we took a room at the st stephen inn and got the cat settled. we then went out in the rain to find food. and we found...some FOOD! homecooked diner food, yum! dave got the hot turkey sandwich special with fries (all drenched in gravy) and i...couldnt resist the heavenly regional sandwich...a lobster roll. addicted to those things (i love how, around here, even mcdonalds and subways have lobster on their menus). so fresh and meaty and good! it was a dense meal but if youve gotta have unhealthy food on the road, i take this every time over fast food.

(our healthy dinner)

route for day 3: st stephen, saint john, moncton, dartmouth/halifax

woke up to more precipitation, mist this time. southern new brunswick was cloaked in fog as we drove along the coast. we could occasionally see water and green, green trees. with few cars on the road it felt like we were traveling to a magical land. and...i guess we kinda were. our new home.

throughout the day, the fog pulled away and the rain let up. it never went away, but we were able to enjoy the views of plants and water passing by prince edward island and into nova scotia. hilly and green we pulled into town...

(saw this truck on the road in nova scotia...a take on the "two men and a truck" company in the u.s.?)

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