18 July 2009

Hawley/Bowers wedding bonanza

the feature reason i came back to MI at this time...the bowers wedding.

been friends with missy since middle school, she asked me to be a bridesmaid last year. of course. she was very patient with my "special needs," since i was going to be overseas for the entire wedding planning period. but, i got my dress while in france (thanks mary ann!) and it fit and everything was easy.

so, july 16 and 17 were wedding-filled days. college friends trickled in to town for the event...yay! rehearsal day on thursday. a nice church in birmingham. things went well. dinner in bloomfield at andiamo. nice space, funny drunken antics (grooms mom!), good group of people. most of the bridesmaids were former roommates from college, so we had a fun night.

(dave and i at the rehearsal dinner. the ONLY dress i could find, from storage in julies closet!)

wedding morning arrives. we get ready at the reception site (bay pointe golf club). fruit, bagels, hair, girlie chit chat. then the hummer stretch limo picks us up and deposits us at the church. its go time. the room we get ready in is warm, so its hard to convince the bride that its the room, not her nerves, that are causing her to flush. then we get the knock on the door...its time!

(curly bridal hair!; the bride is ready...and im entertaining her with my very ladylike stance)

i am the last to walk down the aisle before the maid of honor. i take my place, the beautiful bride walks down the aisle, and here comes my part...the first reading. i slightly miss my cue to go up to the podium. but, i get up there and its worse...theres no reading! i had asked at the rehearsal if my reading would be there (since i hadnt memorized it) and they said yes. there was nothing there! deer caught in the headlights, the minister told me to go back to my spot in line, the reading had been misplaced/forgotten. oops!!

no worries, the rest of the ceremony went great. quick pictures at the church. we go out to the limo and the skies are grey and its chilly. in the 60s in july! arrive at the reception. freeze some more for outdoor pics and go in to line up for the bridal party introduction. we hit the fancy/awesome buffet and load up with food. i promptly acquire a chocolate mousse stain on my dress, followed by red wine, and then beer down my back. eh, its a bridesmaid dress, what did i expect? the night was filled with dancing, laughing, and friends. great event. perfect time to see everyone and celebrate. congrats missy and lonnie! hope you enjoy hawaii!

(cutting the cake; dave and i...favorite pic; dave and jody [daves dance partner] and sarah [the next bride-to-be])

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