26 July 2009

Gay day by the bay

today was gay pride parade day in halifax, and we hit up the festivities!

according to "the coast," there was to be a parade through the downtown today. with all the previous rain we didnt see that as something that would be fun. but, lo and behold, the sun FINALLY made an appearance. our first since being here. we parked down by the water in dartmouth and waited for the ferry to take us to halifax. we had to wait about 20 minutes and we could definitely tell that it was pride day. tons of teens were wearing their rainbow accessories, sporting some pretty rad outfits, and had some fun colored hair. it was a great 10 minute boat ride to the other side. everyone seemed geeked up for the day.

fresh off the ferry, our first goal was actually to see another apartment. we headed south from the ferry, and dave steered me through the local farmers market, set up in the old alexander keiths brewing building. cool selection of food stands, cant wait to explore it more when we live here. coming out from the market, we had maybe a 2 minute walk to this apartment. i can do this.

the apartment is right on barrington street, two blocks from the downtown, two blocks from the waterfront and farmers market, and minutes from the university and hospital buildings. i can do this. now we gotta put in an application.

as we let the apartment stew in our brain, we headed toward downtown. we stopped in to the "old burying ground" cemetery and found out robert ross is buried there (the british war of 1812 general who burnt down the white house). interesting. then we hit the city center. the local sex store was brimming with customers and the parade route was already staked out by pride supporters. yup, its gonna be an interesting day.

we turned up the street to grab a bite at burrito jax. not quite BTB in ann arbor but it worked. the kid at the cash register was cool too. found out he had come down to michigan for a red wings game at one point. had nothing but great things to say about Joe Louis arena and even enjoyed the rest of detroit. cool.

burrito in hand, we walked along spring garden road and saw what will be the end point of the parade. looks like quite a party. but we cant celebrate now, with the burrito finished, we hit up a cash machine, filled out the apartment application and dropped it and the cash deposit off at the office. we also find out the guy who saw the apartment after us also put an application in. grr.

oh well. nothing we can do now. so we head back to the parade route and pick a nice sunny front row spot. shortly, the police horses come down the street beginning the parade. there are rainbow flags, colorful balloons, and local organizations, political figures, and business owners out in support of the event. plus, what would a pride parade be without a few floats filled with some lovely transvestites and men dressed in feathers, leather, butt chaps, netted shirts, tube tops, shaved legs. good stuff, we'll be back next year.

(start of the parade; these three little girls were handing out rainbow tattoos. thought it was great; peacock and leather man; the last float of the parade. i thought it was cool that one of the manliest professions came out to show support for the gay community. good on ya.)

after the parade passed by, we hit up the visitors office for a map. we chose citadel hill, the highest point in the city (and a nice green space with a military fortification on top) as our first stop. then we charted a path to the propeller brewery home base. dave got some free beer tastes and i bought myself a root beer. yum! meanwhile people kept filtering in, lining up to have their growlers filled. i think dave will be a regular in this line...

(guarding citadel hill)

next, we walked to the start of barrington to check out "ideal bikes" so dave could get an idea of how much a bike might cost him. then we wanted a snack. we wanted to try local hot spot "economy shoe shop." the atmosphere is great...and we later found out that is all it has going for it. the inside is amazingly decorated and they have a back garden area plus an outdoor patio area in front. apparently, theyve won many awards for their nachos, so we tried them...ack. salty tostito chips with grocery store shredded cheese, onions, tomatoes, and peppers on top. baked. wow. knock my socks off. plus it took almost 30 minutes for it to arrive. no thanks. we MIGHT be back with friends for drinks only. one day. maybe.

trying to chase away the bummer snack we stopped in to the "paperchase cafe" for an apple cinnamon roll. it wasnt crazy awesome but it was good and the second floor open air terrace was a nice place to people watch. then, to round out our day we walked along the waterfront where a new boardwalk has been built. we walked from the newest restored area north to the historic fishing area with cute old buildings and a bride getting pictures taken. before the ferry ride back we bought a ginger cookie from the food court near the waterfront. sounded like a bad idea, but it wasnt. best damn ginger cookie around. we'll be back "loaf, leaf n' ladle."

(waterfront area looking toward georges island; me and one of the boardwalk dolphins; dave and i with dartmouth/woodside across the harbor)

while waiting for the ferry back, dave was asked by the woman sitting next to us if he was american. he was a bit stunned, "was it the way i walked over here?" (he was actually wearing a shirt that mentioned both the university of michigan and jackson hole, wyoming) but answered "yes." she began talking to us about our recent move here, mentioning that she was a transplantation nurse, that she had worked in san antonio, that she enjoyed dallas because of all the JFK history, and that she wished us a wonderful time here in halifax. thanks. nice people. nice city. good day.

**title suggestion comes from dave.

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