24 July 2009

Death by drowning

today began the reality of trying to get settled in this new town. and the rain wasnt helping.

so, in case you arent keeping track, its been raining since we entered canada. fun. this morning we had an appointment to see a one bedroom apartment near campus. when we arrived on the residential street we realized the place was probably going to feel too "student" to us. and we were right. ugly building, party-type street, rundown apartment, and...weirdly enough, it felt too big for us. bound to happen going from 235 sq. ft. to a one bedroom apartment of any kind.

the lady also happened to have a "bachelor studio" available down the street so we took a look at that too. it felt much more our size, still bigger than france, but one manageable room with a cutout area for the bed and a larger open kitchen. sure, its an option, but the location...

next, we hit up the local apple store to try and buy a power cord for my mac mini. we toted the mini, the monitor, keyboard, and mouse cross-country...without the cord to plug it in. good job team. so we need to buy one. looks like its about $60. grr. to chase away the rain, and the burn of apartment hunting we tried downtown for lunch. we chose the ciboulette cafe on barrington st.

score! we split a tasty shaved ham, cheese, and spicy mustard panini and a bowl of coconut thai curry chicken soup. sweet treats we also shared: triple ginger cookie and a vanilla cream soda from local propeller brewery. DElish! since we had time on the meter we checked out a bit more of the block before we got too wet and found the REI equivalent, mountain equipment co-op.

while we were fueled by food, we took care of a few more things. stopped into daves department and dropped off his heaping mound of geo books. awesome. and then headed back over to dartmouth. parked by the strip of banks because we need to open a canadian bank account and we need to get some info.

apparently there are 5 major national banks in canada. apparently they and the other banks of canada combine to make the "most efficient and safest banking system in the world." so, on one hand i guess thats good. but on the other, we found it means the account packages you can choose from are limited...and not free. we talked to Scotia Bank and RBC (Royal Bank of Canada). each had a monthly fee and seemed to be obsessed with the number of transactions you make per month. in the end, we took the booklets home to think about it.

back at the apartment, we were thinking that we wanted to research some more housing options. we jumped on kijiji (the local site similar to craigslist) and poked around. we made a few calls and found that...damn! apartments get SNAPPED up around here! we need to get on it. found an apartment that had promise and called. the guy said he could meet us in 30 minutes...back over the bridge we go.

the guy never shows up and i was peeved that we drove over the bridge in rush hour and wasted $1.50 and an hour of my time. grr. when we got back on our side of the bridge, dave stopped into the nearby NSLC. this is where you have to buy beer, liquor, and wine in this country. its retarded. 6 packs of decent beer cost over $12. grr.

then we hit the grocery store for like the 19th time since weve been in town to buy stuff for dinner. it is still raining, raining, raining. where the hell is the store handing out rain boots? i NEED some of those things. got back and cooked another go-to dinner from france...and it was kinda poopy again. grr. then we watched "vicky christina barcelona" that we had heard such good things about from people and felt robbed at the end. all it made me want to do was punch myself for not visiting spain. the movie, however, was "meh." grrr.

yes, these are all minor things, separately. but in this totally uncomfortable adjustment period they weigh much more heavily than they should for me. with all the looming large issues still needing solutions, i often rely on the little things to go well to float me through a day. when they repeatedly stack against me it can just feel like im drowning in a sea of hardships. how can i swim out of this? i try to think of my buddy scarlett o'hara, "tomorrow...is another day."

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Mary Ann said...

I agree with you on VC Barcelona. I do think you might like Whatever Works, though. Oh, and don't fret about not getting to Spain. You will. And Portugal. And Morocco. And.....