14 June 2009

We wont be back 'til its over oberthür

sunday picnic in oberthür park with glen and martin to say goodbye to glen.

met up in the park with lovely weather to sit in the shade of a large pine tree. blanket spread, shoes off, food laid out. feasted on ham, cheese, green olives, bread, chips, and juice. all thats needed is good conversation...check!

once, again, always a good time with these two. dave and i will see martin again, glen and i will teach one final time tomorrow (woo hoo!) but dave and glen have the final goodbye, and the group quickly dismantles. its all coming to an end...

no! we are determined travelers. their goal is to end up living in australia. we have never been to australia, thus, problem solved. we will get there at some point, i have but little doubt. so, farewell glen! have fun doing your training course in london, have a lovely summer, and i wish you all the strength and patience in the world to get through teaching at supinfo next year (crazy glen is going back for more)!

(glen and martin; glen with his daisy and martin tying his shoes; glen spinning spinning...love the pained look on his face; the boys in the park)

*title is a modified lyrical reference to WWI song: "over there"

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