24 June 2009

Sky rocket's in flight

heading back to native soil.

on the way to the train station today we were able to witness a german protest. it appeared to be something to do with children and perhaps education. very well organized. then we took the 10 minute local train ride to the airport (nice airport) and dropped off my baggage. then we had time to eat lunch before we had to separate to our different terminals. :(

after lunch, i grabbed another pretzel for a plane snack (also, ho hum. cant win em all, i guess theres always next time...). so, now i had to say goodbye to dave. no biggie, "i love you, thanks for traveling with me, i had a great time, safe travels home, i'll talk to you soon, love you, miss you, see you soon."

turn away to go through ID check and turn around to wave goodbye again before going through the metal detector. hes still waiting there, waving. bye! no biggie. turn around and head away...on my own. whats that? im choking up? im tearing up? please dont make me talk to a security guard, a tear might bulge out from my eyelid and my voice will crack. being patted down by the metal wand lady sobered me up enough to speak normally with the german customs guy (he actually cared that my original french visa in my passport had expired, so i had to show him my carte de sejour).

anyway, now i was alone as i sat waiting at the gate to board. i get to see dave in about three weeks. time will go fast. just make it past this flight. but now im thinking about all the things i will see/do without dave (i call this "230 sq. ft. syndrome"). i originally began the blog for family and friends back home. then, i continued doing it for me (a great memory log and something healthy to chase the boredom away). along the way i realized dave liked its memory-saver utility as well, and i think he likes seeing how i process the experiences. and now that were apart...this blogs for you (sorry for the bud advertizing reference; but i was thinking about you when i made the title...). love you!

anyway, boarded the plane about 40 minutes before departure time...and for almost 20 minutes no one else really got on...whats going on? apparently the airline waited for all the late-ass people and at the time we were supposed to depart, the entire plane arrived. so...we got off to a late start. nice of the airline, terds for me.

but really, air berlin is a nice budget airline. i think my ticket was 250€ for a one-way ticket. we got two meals (tasty ones too), liquids galore, and movies (one negative was the fact that they only had u.s. customs forms in german...i cant read that, how do i know im filling this out legally?). we didnt have any particularly awful kids either. in fact, right in front of us was a spanish family. they seemed like partial idiots, but their little 10 month old boy was great. fabio was a cutie in striped pajamas, eating and napping on time, smiling and batting his little eyelashes in between. :)

this slightly tempered the "ew" factor of the spanish chick sitting next to me. she is like the unofficial mascot of miami. she had unnaturally bright hair color(s), tanned skin, silver jangly bracelets, tight clothes, a neon thong (dont ask), construction cone orange nails that she painted while on the plane (who does that?), she popped tons of pills (to sleep, for motion sickness?), ate tons of junk food (can of pringles, etc), read girlie/gossip magazines the whole time when she wasnt watching "confessions of a shopaholic," and totally made up her face while we were descending. then she had to pee while we were taxiing on the runway. nice.

but, all-in-all, not too bad. after 10 hours (of a smooth ride thankfully), i was ready to get off the plane and say hello to miami humidity and the high 90s...

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Dave said...

Thanks for the sweet post and dedication, P. I experienced a bit of "250 sq foot syndrome" myself, and it seemed strange to feel that emotional about being apart for 3 weeks... It was wonderful living here with you. (and p.s., I fixed some typos :))