19 June 2009

The setting sun casts shadows

met martin for our last night in rennes. last night!

after a day of packing and slowly realizing this...is...it, dave and i planned to meet martin for a drink. dave came from school by bike and i walked over by myself. the sun was lower and made all the buildings on one side of the canal glow golden, even more lovely than normal. walking through the city, i saw everything with different eyes, or rather, the same eyes as when i first arrived. streets, buildings, the people, everything was magical and beautiful and now i had a story to go with it.

we met martin in place du parliament de bretagne and walked through the historic area to a nice pub on a street corner for a drink. afterward, sitting in the shadow was making us chilly so we decided it was a good time to look for dinner. so, we went up to rue st malo.

we chose dinner...our last dinner in france...lebanese food. pretty inexpensive huge platter with falafel, four different dipping sauces (including hummus), spinach pies, and a couple other fried goodies and of course pita. martin intrigued us with stories of the tasty food he has fond memories of from australia (yum, i wanna go to there!) and we had a nice meal and a proper goodbye. thanks for being a good friend, have fun moving your stuff with dave, safe travels to london, and have an awesome experience working at the TNB this fall! happy stalking you and glen on facebook!

so, dave and i walked back through rennes after dinner, together. our last time people-watching and feeling the energy of french people drinking, smoking, and talking at the bars and cafés. friendly, relaxed, social...what a life and only time will tell how much this place and its people have affected and changed me, but it was definitely a generally positive thing and im glad to have had the opportunity. thanks for everything france!


Mary Ann said...

I'm tearing up. I believe that it has changed you, Alyce. And only for the good.

Martin said...

Where is the "I like" button?
And the "Aww" button?
And the "Thank you and take care" button?

lotus said...

thanks for the comment facebook-weirdo martin... :)