13 June 2009

Last market meet-up

it was our last rennes market day.

to commemorate the occasion, we accidentally slept in and missed most of the market, damn! we met jj and his son by the galette saucisse stand and decided where to go for a drink. we chose a nice pub nearby owned by their friends with tables in the sun (and shade, for me). jjs wife and his sons (pregnant!) girlfriend joined us at the table.

nice, casual french conversation. jj and his wife are planning on coming to NYC next year (!) so there was some talk of that. jj was giving advice for our upcoming belgium trip. jokes and general friendly commentary were whirling around the table. such nice people, such a lucky find!

afterward, they were heading to the beach to enjoy the lovely (25 C, 77 F) weather! and we made a quick run through the market as it was closing up to get our last hoorah in. bye bye best market EVER!!!

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