12 June 2009

Fri tea with the guys

had friday afternoon tea with glen and martin (glen insists 5p is in the afternoon).

we met in place st anne and headed in a direction ive never traveled before, down rue d'echange. nice little street that crossed rue de dinan. a fabulous little stone church with trees shared the street corner with some adorable shops, cafés, and restaurants. martin led us to a tea place called "Histoire de Thé." it had an eclectic selection of tea cups, pots, books, and odds n' ends to gaze at in the tiny shop while chatting over delicious pots of tea.

fab idea for a friday activity! we also sampled the clafoutis rhubarbe, which is close to the regional specialty "far breton."

after tea, we introduced the guys to our tiny ass apartment and convinced them to take our furniture after we leave. hooray, dave doesnt have to build a bonfire on his last day in rennes.

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