28 May 2009

Rennes meet mom, mom meet rennes

mom sees rennes.

the morning began with the introduction of mom to real french pastries (we had had some shit croissants in london and on the train before this) and french coffee (behold the power of tasty caffeine!).

after that, i introduced her to the more mundane daily activities of doing your laundry in europe and grocery shopping. she purchased some snacks and more yogurt (the kind in glass containers so she can take more souvenirs home).

for lunch, we chose a place near us that was new to me called "la cerise sur le gateau" (the cherry on the cake). mom ordered a tartine (basically a piece of toast with melted cheese) with hot goat cheese sprinkled with olive oil and herbes de provence sitting on a bed of bibb lettuce with slices of tomatoes and fresh mozzerella, shredded carrots, green beans, and mushroom slices all drizzled with a delicious creamy sauce (she ate every bit and dabbed bread to absorb every drop of dressing). i ordered a tart/quiche with leeks, chicken, and mushrooms with a similar salad (minus the tomatoes and mozzarella). for dessert...a warm apple nut cake with warm cream sauce and...a cherry on top. DElicious. a tasty new find. :) (the waiter was confused when we had to pay. he'd never seen my moms kind of credit card...the kind without a chip. it was funny to watch him act like a caveman encountering a calculator.)

anyway, after lunch we went...shopping. we went to a place called zara. ntina had described it as the "spanish version of h&m," so i felt reasonably safe. as it happened, they had some cute things, but we didnt end up getting anything.

next, we met jj for a tour of rennes and some tea. jj was anxious to meet my mom to try his english out on another american and to show a new person around his beloved city. we went to the different town squares, a few churches, the historic areas, and ended up having tea in our usual spot near the republique. then we set a date to see mont st michel together.

(jj and mom discussing the finer points of english; me and mom in city hall. in case you cant read it, her shirt says 'Qu'est-ce que c'est sup?' (roughly: whats up?); me choking mom by the drawbridge...what else is new?)

later that night, after work, mom and i enjoyed a homemade couscous dinner à la dave. yum! a regular slice-of-life day in rennes.

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