28 May 2009

A grey day turns pink!

took mom to dinan for the day.

rode the bus to dinan this morning. it was a bit of a grey, chilly day so our first activity was to hit up a souvenir shop with tons of regional products of bretagne. it was actually kind of a decent place, dave and i had scoped it out last time we were there. i bought a few things, so now i have to play the game of "what will fit in my suitcase..." when i pack for my return.

after shopping, we ate sandwiches on a bench by the wall overlooking the river, viaduct, trees, and town below. we were a bit cold afterward, so we went for dessert at the same tea salon i went to last time. i ordered my same pot of coromandel tea (i forced myself not to drink the entire pot, though i could have) and mom ordered the café david, coffee mixed with hot chocolate. we also ordered an apple crumble. it came to us warm and delicious!

(lunch spot by the wall)

after we were warm, hydrated, and radiating with apple goodness, we walked down the quaint, steep street of dinan that ends down at the rance river. while going camera crazy down the street, my mom stopped at a store with a pink jacket for sale (pink is my moms favorite color, thus it is a shopping weakness. paint dog poop pink and she would contemplate buying it). she logically arrived at the argument that the jacket she was wearing was insufficient to deal with the damp brittany air and the breeze, so this jacket was a must...so, into the store we go to buy her something else she will have to jam into her luggage. its a cute jacket...and thus we have a hundred pictures of it...

(mom, pre-pink jacket acting somewhat sane; mom puts pink jacket on...; mom acquires powers of a ballerina...; and the ability to pose like a child getting headshots for a beauty pageant)

after we came out of our pink jacket coma, we realized we were late for our return bus. we barely made it on but arrived back in rennes safely...for MORE shopping. still not sure how i survived today, except that we capped it off with some shopping i can endorse...shopping for food. we acquired my favorite pizza (artichokes, mushrooms, ham, green olives) for dinner. :) okay, now im happy.

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