20 May 2009

Bon voyage dear friends!

today n&b set off toward paris to continue their vacation (they will also be spending a week in italy).

we met them in the morning for breakfast. afterward, we walked across the street to a little shop that made homemade jams and caramel as fillings for their homemade crêpes. we hadnt bought anything there yet because we dont normally eat too many crêpes if visitors arent here. anyway, n&b hit the jackpot! he had just finished making some homemade salty caramel. they got to buy 4 warm jars of the stuff! cant wait to hear how it tastes. i'll have to stock up for our trip home.

grasping their jars of warm gold, we went to my favorite bakery to get them some sandwiches for the road. after loading up and packing the car, they set off. i get to meet up with them on friday in paris for another day, but dave had to say goodbye for real. it was a mix of emotions. we had had a nice, short but memorable time with them sharing our favorite things in our new town (something we have never gotten to do because weve always lived in michigan and all our friends who come to visit have family nearby or personal experience with the area already). and while we were sad to see them leave, we were happy things went well, leaving the door open for more fun on future vacations. always a good thing! love you guys! thanks a ton for coming!

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