29 May 2009

Bleu cheese burgers with buds

relaxed day around rennes and a pleasant evening eating burgers with glen and martin.

we ate at "la cerise sur le gateau" again (mom is eating her weight in goat cheese here. "can i put some in a tin and take it home?") and then walked around rennes and hit up thabor park. nice calm day.

(mom in the park)

in the evening, we went to glen and martins apartment for some burgers! they somehow had found hamburger buns in this country and had concocted a recipe of patties stuffed with bleu cheese...yes, i will take one please!

their roommate with all the dishes and apartment stuffs had already moved out so we had a fun camping-like experience. :) but, being amongst friends, we didnt even notice. picnic in the living room! appetizers and chatting (american, french, and australian accents rapidly mixing...fun!), then salad and burgers...no talking...chewing and enjoying (by me at least). :) then dessert: dense, dark chocolate mini cake, chocolate chip cake with a lake of chocolate ganache in the middle, a tart with a layer of caramel and then chocolate on top, and a breton cookie with creamy citrus sauce topped off with strawberries.

thanks for hosting us guys. a night with you is always guaranteed enjoyment. :)

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