28 March 2009

Breakdance battling bretons

we went to the second annual block party battle in rennes.

it was held in a large circular theater space with no stage and no permanent seating. there were risers with cushions along the walls. we got to the theater a little early, maybe 15 minutes before show time and thought there would be many people, alas no. besides their trains, these people are always seriously late at starting things on-time.

thankfully we did get there when we did though. we got a good, comfortable seat. then they proceeded to stuff hundreds of more latecomers into this tiny space. an hour later, they were ready to begin, so they closed the external doors...after the lights were flashing and the dancing started, you can imagine the heat...and smell. mmm.

so, there were 9 breakdancing teams and they battled through 4 rounds to crown a winner. in between rounds they had a french rapper, some special dance routines, and some beat-boxing. there were tons of young people and families in the audience. lots of parents brought their small children. many were thoughtful enough to make their kids wear earplugs but many were just exposed to the elements. and some tiny children were being bottlefed or breastfed in the audience...

anyway, the dancing was pretty decent and the 5 euro price of the tickets was definitely worth the entertainment. the emcee was pretty interesting, he often mixed spanish, french, and english while talking. some words or phrases the french just havent bothered to sully their language with so they left it in english. for example: block battle party was in english.

another amusing point, we saw at least three Michael Jordan wizards jerseys on dancers at the battle...do people not remember his record-breaking, fame-making career on a little team called...the Bulls!? perhaps, when he came out of retirement on the wizards, they over-produced his jersey, i guess the leftovers they couldnt push on american kids went to france...seems like a logical explanation.

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