22 February 2009

Hot air 5 - Can you ever forgive me oscar?

sunday, february 22, 2009, the oscars. this was the first time i havent been stateside to watch them. missing them was serious.

i always at least watch the red carpet, but many times i throw an oscar party and force my friends to come over and watch tv the whole night with me. i cant believe that the red carpet was only just starting here while i was going to bed. it was truly a strange experience to not be a part of the hoopla.

i had actually seen many of the movies (slumdog, the wrestler [amazing movie], benjamin button, dark knight, revolutionary road [wonderful]) and had picked my favorites to win. many did: sean penn, heath ledger, kate winslet. we were able to find some of the good speeches on youtube, and the in memoriam dedication with paul newman. :( ah well, the dresses were not very exciting this year, so perhaps it was the best year to be absent.

from my internet searching/stalking, i have my favorite images from the night:

(marisa tomeis pleated dress was gorgeous. in the background, natalie portmans dress was great too; emile hirsch is the man. he will be getting an oscar one of these days; robin and sean penn lookin great. congrats sean; reese and jake...ah, i love you)

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Mary Ann said...

Sorry it was so hard for you to get in the Oscar groove. I've never been big on the ceremony. This year I did the grammys and the independent spirit awards, both which I enjoyed a lot. Never done either before. Going to see The Reader today. Finished the novel yesterday. I'm looking forward to it.
One question: The Wrestler? Amazing? Hello?