06 August 2008

Homelessness makes the heart grow fonder

so, technically our "adventure" began on Sunday, July 27 when two of our fabulous friends helped us move our big/heavy crap into storage in Canton, MI. the rest of the week we were frantically shuttling the rest of the junk outta the apartment to get it empty by the end of the month.

we had been trying to find a craigslist sublet but the options we found both fell through. so we concocted the following plan: we moved our sofabed into our friend Julie's place where she has room in her living room for me and our cat. Dave needs to work late nights and needs a fancy computer set-up, so staying at Julie's didn't really work for him. he then was staying on a friend's floor who lives closer to campus and is in the same finish-up-the-PhD situation as dave.

anyway, last night it got ramped up to even an even crazier level. the friend's place where dave was staying needs to be painted and then vacated early, so dave AGAIN had no place to stay! the easiest thing for him, he decided, was to move his sleeping pad and sleeping bag into his office at school since he goes there every morning and stays there until the wee hours of the night. he will periodically shower and sleep at Julie's place on the sofabed with me. joy!

this whole situation has become SO absurd to me that it is now comical and i am just trying to find ways to patch my sanity together until this bit of our lives is over. everyone has been wonderfully kind offering us a room in their home in distant cities, offering us catsitting weekends where we can have access to a real bed, and all have offered their sympathy. dave seems to barely be showing a crack of stress as he is the one baring the brunt of this craziness. it has to be one of the worst ways to finish up a PhD, but he is functioning with his usual demeanor and i have to applaud him for it. i guess it helps me to try and keep it together if nothing else.

i find myself, more than usual, trying to remind myself that it could be worse. i saw a car crash being cleaned up yesterday and thought "i'm doing better than that" and i went to PT for my back this morning and i saw the limited mobility of some of the patients in the waiting room and again thought "things could be worse." i am grateful for what i have and that i have the resources to deal with most of these changes...


Susan said...

Your beloved brothers agree that Dave is totally correct in nixing the name Lotus for your first girl child (their niece). They said the initials L.A.W. would be too funny!! I love the blog. We were all laughing and crying and we all love you both!! All will eventually be good. Good luck, remain positive. xoxoxoxo 143 mom

lotus said...

i was going to name her Lotus Lynn, but not now...boo hoo for you.

Anonymous said...

Dearest alyce and dave, Imagine how we feel about your situation, and YOU are the successful ones!!!
Good luck. dad xoxo286